On Being Tall.

The other day I was rocking my favorite pair of booties . . .

Let’s just take a pause and ask God to bless the human being that invented the bootie.

You could literally be wearing a muumuu with a cat embroidered on the front, throw on a pair of booties and then suddenly it’s like you walked right out of New York Fashion week and someone’s pulling you aside asking you if your outfit is from the newest designer whose name you can’t pronounce.


Anyway, my booties make me 6’2”.

That’s real.

I’m not kidding.

My new favorite person, who is also super tall, asked me how I do it.

Confused, I said I put my shoes on my feet and then I walk around.

Realizing that I’m an idiot, she clarified her question and asked, “How do you wear high heels since you’re already so tall?”

The answer?

I don’t always.

I remember being incredibly self-conscious about how tall I was in high school. Then, one day, by the grace of God, I had an encounter with a woman who, I am not kidding you, looked identical to Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada. I was wearing a beautiful dress, but I had paired it with ballet flats and she asked why I wasn’t wearing heals instead.

I told her that since I was tall, the laws of nature dictate that I shouldn’t.

She told me that was stupid.

The next day I went out and bought my first pair of stilettos.

It was glorious.

And I’ve never turned back.

Kind of . . .

Sometimes, I hate being tall.

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend about a guy that I liked. As per usual girl conversation, we were over-analyzing the crap out of that whole deal until she finally said. “Do you think he goes for cute and little?”


Yes. Of course he does.

Sometimes there are perks to looking like an Amazonian woman. Other times, there aren’t. Like if a guy has a legitimate concern that if your date doesn’t go well you might rip out both of his arms.

That’s fair. I get that. I understand how you might be emotionally attached to your limbs. Makes a ton of sense.

In fact, I frequently say I’m not interested in certain people because I could “break their arms in half with my pinkie.”

This suddenly got so violent and I don’t know why . . .

It’s probably because I was just researching “Amazonian Women” on Wikipedia.

Anyway, I was bummed. Because I got to thinking, maybe if I were just a little shorter, I wouldn’t be writing this blog anymore.

Luckily I had a come-to-Jesus-moment.

Guess what verse I read?

The fricken fearfully and wonderfully made one.


(Psalm 139 in case you’re wondering)

I had to listen to Jesus tell me that he made me this way, and he doesn’t make mistakes. I had to hear him say that he knit me together in my mother’s womb and decided to make me the height of the average American male instead of the height of the average American female.

I had to hear him say that looks don’t matter. I had to hear him ask me, “Why do you care so much?” And then I had to think about why do I care so much? No matter what I look like, I have unlimited worth and value, because of who created me.

Huh . . .

There isn’t anything I can do about being tall, except for having my legs amputated, which sounds painful, so I’m going to maybe not do that.

Instead, I’m going attempt to embrace who I am, and who God created me to be.

And I’m wearing my booties to church.

What I wore to church.  LOOK AT THE BOOTIES!!!!!!!!!!!

What I wore to church. LOOK AT THE BOOTIES!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s your thing? What physical thing do you get hung up on about yourself? I want to know! How do you remind yourself of your value and worth?

No More Coffee First Dates.

Coffee and Owls

Via Pinterest

I’m as obsessive about coffee as the next person.

But I think we all need to calm down.

After freaking myself out via different articles on the Internet preaching about coffee’s disastrous health effects, I gave it up for two months, somewhere between April and May, so I apologize if you received an incoherent email, text, phone call, telegram or smoke signal during that time.

No, none of that seems odd. I’m off caffeine and I swear I either had a dream or this actually happened where I was in the middle of a field sending my friends smoke signals.

Don’t judge.

Anyway, during my time away from coffee (because let’s be real, I’m 100% back on the juice) I really felt a lot of pain for my other single Christian friends who don’t drink coffee. If you’re taking them on a first date to Starbucks what are they going to order? One of those smoothies that tastes like a petrified liver? No, don’t make them do that, that’s mean. Or me. If it’s a date, I’d really like to order a glass of wine. But actually, you can apparently do that at Starbucks now… so … yeah …

So, the coffee first date needs to go, and here’s why:

  1. You don’t need to be more jacked up when you’re meeting someone for the first time. On first dates you need to be mellow, relaxed. You need to be yourself. What you don’t need is for your whole body to be shaking because you got so nervous that you drank your grande sugary venti blah blah Americano drink like a shot at your girlfriend’s bachelorette party.
  2. Coffee dates are so much pressure! You’re going on a coffee date to try and generate conversation with someone you’ve never met for at minimum an hour. WHAT? Really? That seems exhausting. Whatever happened to, say, mini golf? You can have polite conversation for a set 18 holes, and if something clicks, someone can extend the date. If things aren’t working? No worries, you’re done, you’re out and you’re conversation didn’t have to go down that wandering path of doom towards “the future”. Get outta here serious conversations – this first date doesn’t need you.
  3. Fight against Christian Cliché’s. I’ve started an organization called “Christians Against Christian Cliché’s” and by started, I mean I just made it up. But you know what would be at the top of my list? COFFEE DATES. I’m turning over the tables at the proverbial coffee temple. We already spend so much of our lives there: small groups, meeting with a mentor, being someone’s mentor, quite times, etc. It’s time to get out and enjoy other parts of God’s creation. Like the outdoors.
  4. Coffee is nature’s diuretic. And what is the one thing you NEVER, absolutely EVER want to do on a first date? I can’t say it because I’m a lady, but it’s starts with a “P” and then ends with an “oop”. So why are you taking me on a date where the lie that I’ve created in which everything that comes out of my backside is sunshine and rainbows has to be destroyed like the tower of babel? Don’t do that. Just don’t.

So hopefully I’ve ended that tradition.

Have fun mini golfing.

The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

Today is Father’s Day, and my Dad is quite possibly the most difficult man to shop for.  When I see those commercials for Lowes or the Home Depot saying something to the effect of, “every Dad wants a drill for Father’s Day!” The thought that runs through my mind is, “If I got my Dad a drill, he’d probably come out minus an appendage and we’d get to spend some quality time together in the ER.”

Needless to say, he’s not really a handyman.

But I think he’s awesome.

I was home from college one weekend, probably around my senior year. I woke up that Saturday morning and went down to our den to hang out with my parents who had been having their respective quite times.  My Mom left to make my Dad’s favorite breakfast, “The Lu Plate Special,” (it’s cute because he calls my Mom Lu … you can all go “awe!” now) and we were just chatting.  He brought up boys, because at this point my lack of a relationship was less of a blessing and more of a concern.  He said very seriously, “Claire, you can’t look for someone who’s like me.  I’ve had 30 years to get like this.”

Honestly, I laughed, rolled my eyes and said, “ok Dad.”

I just thought he was being weird.

Because sometimes, Dad’s are weird.

But, to be totally honest, my Dad is the reason why I’m so picky.


  1. He loves Jesus more then anyone I know.  I don’t see him cry a lot, but when I do, it’s often when he’s talking about his relationship with God.  He cries when he talks about what God has done in his life, what he has done for our family, or the way that he sees God working in my life and my siblings lives.
  2. He’s an incredibly hard worker.  He’s put his heart and soul into building a world-class business.  He views his job as a calling from God.  He’s an incredible example of using your work as a way to worship.
  3. He’s brave.  Yeah, he went bungee jumping when we were in Africa, but his bravery extends beyond stupid physical feats (I was opposed to him bungee jumping, just as an FYI).  I’ve grown up watching him surrender control of his life to God.  I’ve watched him take risks that the world thinks are irrational, but he’s taken them anyway because he knows that God’s plans are better then the plans of man.
  4. He loves my Mom.  When I was younger, he said to my brother, sister and me that our Mom was his number one priority.  Honestly, then I was a little offended.  After all, I’m “Princess CC,” so I should be number one, right?  But now, looking back and seeing how much stability that created in our household, I’m so grateful that I have that example to look to.

So, yeah, I’m picky.  But really, I just want to be able to bring home a guy that will be able to firmly shake my father’s hand, look him in the eye and say “Nice to Meet you Mr. Wyatt,” without wetting himself.

So cheers to the Man that I most admire, and happy Father’s Day.

The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

The Man. The Myth. The Legend.



Hi Friends!

This blog is reposted from an AMAZING blog I discovered called My Letter’s to G – just want to double and triple clarify that this is her amazing work and not mine.

If you think I get it, this girl gets it more. Beyond funny.

So you should follow her!  She’s awesome.

Originally posted on my letters to G:

There are a lot of things I’ve seen people stick on their cars. Antlers. Pink handlebar moustaches. Menorahs.

But the stick figure family bumper sticker has infected more cars than the Toyota recall of yesteryear.

stick figure

So what do you do if you are a single girl sans stick companions to slap on your car’s rear window?

For the single girl who has everything she will ever need:

girl and nutella 2

me myself i 2

me and jesus 2

girl netflix 2 copy

For the single and searching girl:

single and searching 2

For the single girl who has given up all hope:

cat lady 2

You’re welcome, ladies. You’re welcome.


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Amazing Things and 3 1/2 weeks until I can hang out again.

So … I’ve been a little MIA, and some of you are starting to notice.

I know.

I’m sorry.

I’ve received some super sweet notes via my Contact Me section, asking me to keep blogging.  First of all, thank you for the encouragement!  It means a lot.  Secondly, I will keep blogging!  I promise.  I just have to finish taking this stupid test.  I’d actually highly recommend taking it if you enjoy learning, math, having no friends, spending an inordinate amount of time studying, and would like to develop carpal tunnel from overusing your TA BA II Plus calculator.  It’s called the CFA exam, or the “your-social-life-is-over exam.”

Either one works.

Anyway, one of the few pleasant side effects of beating myself over the head with textbooks on a regular basis has been that I just haven’t really thought of being a Single Christian Girl in a while.  It’s actually kind of awesome, minus the fact that it’s lead to minimal material.  But, honestly, I think that’s great.  Nothing like a good, all consuming, distraction to make you forget that no one’s planning on having flowers sent to your office, just because it’s Friday, and just because you’re awesome.


Me and my half alive bamboo plant are doing just fine by ourselves, thank you.

A negative side effect of my not thinking about being a SCG was forgetting to show you my friend Luke’s newest video!  Remember when he impressed us all with Accent’s and Anger Management?  I wrote a mini blog about it?  If you don’t remember – I remember.

You people liked it.

Well … the man can sing too.

I know!  I didn’t know that.  Honestly, I’m a little ticked that I wasn’t forewarned.  If I had been forewarned, I would have specifically requested some songs.  Mostly ones on my “I Love Love” Spotify playlist.  Luke – if you’re reading this, I’d be ok with a cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.”

Just saying.

Anyway – make sure to watch Luke’s video below, and subscribe to his Channel so we can join together and badger him collectively about doing more covers.

For the First Time in Forever

By Casey Nordman

Excuse the Frozen reference, but it could have been worse. I could have pulled on the Fixer Upper thread, or crafted a long-winded explanation of the feminist implications of the movie. Don’t worry, I’m just using it as a topical tie-in. This will not be another over-adulating piece of prose about a pair of princess sisters overcoming obstacles with the help of the cutest and most hilarious snowman ever created.

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Ahem, right. I had two big firsts this last week–two things that literally happened for the first time in forever.

First Big First: I was set up on my first blind date.

I turned 24 on March 31st. Two days later, my dear sweet friend texted me and asked if I would be open to being set up. Absolutely! I’d never had the experience of someone prospecting, researching and suggesting someone for me. It makes sense that this would come upon turning 24 and having exactly zero potential suitors. This lady did her due diligence, confirming with both sides that we were each up for meeting the other, taking care to manage the situation delicately. There was some mild confusion with the timeline of a different date he’d gone on, but then he hopped aboard the blind date train. I didn’t know his name until he had my number. Then I got excited, like I do about most things. He waited a cool-guy three days to call, meaning he probably watched How I Met Your Mother, thereby gaining a point on my hypothetical scorecard, despite the show ending in the worst possible way. We set up a coffee date. (Here’s an aside: As a non-coffee drinker, can I ask how essential it is to get coffee with someone? I get that it’s the “safe date,” but could we have a “safe $1 McDonald’s Diet Coke,” a “safe Yogurt Lab run,” or a “kind of safe trip to laser tag?” Why do I have to go to a coffee shop and awkwardly order a smoothie, pointing out that I do not drink hot beverages unless we’re experiencing subzero temperatures? Sure, it’s a delightful quirk of mine, and certainly a great first date conversation topic, but there are many things I’d rather have than a five dollar smoothie. Aside over.) I should have known something weird would happen, because we set up the date for Easter Sunday. You’ll have to trust me that we had a logical string of reasoning getting to Easter Sunday afternoon. Then I got more excited, like I do about most things.

Second Big First: My first blind date was cancelled.

Most morals come at the ends of their paragraphs. I’ll put this one at the beginning: Manage your expectations, kids. I was tangled in a Banana Republic dress in a Clothes Mentor dressing room in Roseville. I heard Otis Redding’s Try a Little Tenderness emanating from the heap of my outfit for the day. The Banana Republic dress was winning the battle, so Otis finished singing before I could find my phone. I saw my missed call was my blind date guy. “It’s better this way,” I thought smugly. “He’ll get to hear my charming outgoing message, and I’ll get to formulate a reply.” My second thought was that it was a reschedule, given the unorthodox time we had set up. Family plans change quickly, right? The fact that it was a 90 second voicemail should have tipped me off. I put the Banana dress on the return rack and pressed play. He cancelled our date. He had to back out. Why? Cleverly embedded in the first paragraph is a foreshadowing statement. That’s right. The other girl. The timeline had gotten confusing, and he didn’t know what to do after he had committed to this, because now he and the girl were now discussing a relationship. And why shouldn’t they? God bless.

Here are the takeaways I have for you, SCGs, upon experiencing these things for the first time:

  • Be a girl who says yes to things. (I know “Be a yes girl,” is a thing, but that sentence creeps me out.) Sure, it might go horribly wrong on a cosmic scale. But look at the great story I have now! I have another piece of evidence that my dating life is bound to be parallel to Liz Lemon’s. Yes, I talked to some food about the whole thing, but in the end, I can tell this tale with a smile on my face and enjoy the illustrious specimen provided by this particular letdown. If that’s the worst that could come of saying yes, be a girl who says yes to things.
  • Learn to recognize situations when no one is at fault. It’s a strange cocktail of emotions having a blind date cancel on you. I had the full knowledge that it could in no way be personal. He couldn’t have hated my laugh, how I pronounced a certain word or the fact that I don’t drink hot beverages because I don’t like being warmed from the inside out (what is she, a robot?). Despite this knowledge, I still felt small pangs of insult, disappointment and embarrassment. I still felt like it was personal. Eventually, through this thick fog of girlishness, I recognized that there was no one at fault. It’s not his fault he realized he wanted to date the other girl and accidentally got stuck on a weird blind date trajectory. It’s not my friend’s fault for setting us up. It’s not my fault for being single and unable to wrangle my own men. It’s one of those fascinating, rare situations in which everyone feels strange, but no one is to blame. Relish these when they come along.
  • Manage your expectations. Once more, with feeling. I’m not saying don’t get excited about things–I’d be the worst person to suggest that. I’m not saying lower your standards–that’s probably a whole different blog post. I’m saying something that brings the first two takeaways together: Say yes, and know when to mitigate your emotional responses with reality, even when that reality is unfamiliar. Dating involves people. Whenever people are involved, things get messy and gray areas start expanding.  Managing expectations about blind dates, first dates and fifth dates means extending grace. It means recognizing all the little marvelous things that make humans so interesting also make life complicated.

I guess what I’m saying is that, as far as Disney sidekicks are concerned, Frozen takes the gold with Olaf. He loves warm hugs, he is an unflagging optimist and his one serious moment reminds us that we’re all just snowmen trying to find the person worth melting for.


Guest Post: How To Make Good Life Choices …

http://normalfreeloved.wordpress.com/ Hi Friends! I am a current sophomore at Georgia College and State University where I study Outdoor Education in a small/random town in the middle of Georgia. I love to adventure, make people laugh, longboard, and most of all spend time with Jesus in the rawness and simplicity of the outdoors. If you were to ever want to find me, I'm probably either in the ice cream aisle at Walmart or the library (just kidding about that last one…I wish I studied more). In the future, I hope to work/start my own Outdoor Ministry for women! Facebook friend me because Im all about meeting new people! Oh and duh, I am a single Christian girl.

Hi Friends! My name is Beth Anne and I am a current sophomore at Georgia College and State University where I study Outdoor Education in a small/random town in the middle of Georgia. I love to adventure, make people laugh, longboard, and most of all spend time with Jesus in the rawness and simplicity of the outdoors. If you were to ever want to find me, I’m probably either in the ice cream aisle at Walmart or the library (just kidding about that last one…I wish I studied more). In the future, I hope to work/start my own Outdoor Ministry for women! Facebook friend me because Im all about meeting new people! Oh and duh, I am a single Christian girl.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about our intentions.

You know, why we do stuff.

On a day to day basis, how many decisions do we make?

A ton.

We make decisions about what we wear, what we eat, what we do, how we act. This is normal, right? Eve made decisions in the garden (some notably poor ones, but decisions non the less).

After a huge season of learning patience and having what looked like no summer plans, God totally answered my prayers and gave me two incredible job offers!  One in Colorado and one in Wisconsin.

Although I didn’t know much about either company, I did know that at one company I would get to work with mostly guys (who were older and probably very outdoorsy).  The other, would be a position where I would counsel and develop relationships with other college girls.  Both are super cool companies run by people who love Jesus.  Either choice would have led to an awesome summer.

Suffice it to say, I had an important decision to make.

So, naturally, I bought myself some Baskin Robbins ice cream and then sat down to make a pro/con list.

Guess what was at the top of my “pro” list?

“Working with cute boys”.

And guess what job I chose?

That one.

And do you know why I chose that particular job?

Because of that first bullet point.

I’m currently smacking myself in the forehead.

After making my decision, I called a couple of friends. As I was explaining my thinking process behind my job choice to one of my best friends, I found myself talking more about the job that I had turned down then the job I had chosen.

That night, I sat in bed looking at the old jobs website and picturing myself there instead of the job I chose. Clearly, I was uneasy.

The next morning, after some prayer, I changed to the other job. I’m confident in the decision that I made and I know that the Lord has great plans for me there!

So, our stories moral?

I made a really big life decision based mainly off the fact that I wanted to meet and work with cute boys all summer.

That seems silly, but thankfully, God changed my heart.

However, it got me thinking…how many decisions am I making solely to get attention from guys?

So many!

Even when I was deciding to write this blog post, I thought “maybe my future husband will read this article and fall in love with me and find me on Facebook and ask me out and we will get married”.


First of all, if a boy is reading articles off of a blog called Single Christian Girls, then I’m not totally sure he’s the one for me. Second of all, let’s talk about how quickly my mind jumped from nothing to marriage…

The conclusions girls jump to can be scary sometimes.

So I’m calling out to all my single sistas to say that it’s totally okay to want a boyfriend. And it’s probably even okay to make some decisions based off of wanting to be noticed by a special someone. But don’t be like me.  If you’re planning your life with the sole purpose of trying to meet your future husband, you might not make the best choices, and you’ll probably be let down.

What are your intentions even now?

It’s highly doubtful that you’ll find Mr. Right by stalking your crush and then “ending up” two tables away from him at lunch, hoping he’ll notice you (sadly, I’m speaking from experience here).

Trust God and make decisions based off of what YOU want rather than what someone else (a boy) may want.  It’s incredibly empowering.  Like choosing a summer job that will surround you with entirely girls and no potential husbands to be had.